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Accessible Communication

In addition to its monitoring and analysis capabilities, the Central Unit serves as a crucial communication hub, providing various means of interaction for the senior, caregivers, and family members. The Central Unit facilitates video calls, allowing both the family/caregivers and the senior to initiate conversations. It also enables voice calls through audio devices installed in all rooms. Additionally, the Central Unit supports the sharing of pictures, which can be sent to the senior’s screen, and helps in scheduling and tracking appointments, including doctor’s visits and medication reminders, ensuring effective communication and promoting seniors’ overall well-being, alleviating distress, and keeping them connected and supported.

Audio & Video Calls

Caregivers can easily check in with audio and video calls. These can be set to “automatic answering” – allowing the tablet to automatically start incoming calls. Otherwise, calls can be accepted or rejected using simple and intuitive gestures. In addition, Grand-Sense offers conference calls with doctors or service providers.

Periodic Reminders

Caregivers can set friendly reminders that help older adults

Take their medications on time

Go to doctor appointments


and more

Senior Centers, Social Clubs & Activity groups that older adults are registered to may, also send reminders about upcoming events and activities.

Family Moments

Family members can easily and intuitively share content (text, images and videos), which are then broadcasted on tablet(s). Grand-Sense sends family members frequent reminders to share updates or event greetings (a birthday message, for example).