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Our Product & Features

Grand-Sense is the smart AI solution that provides care-providing companies with real-time monitoring, communication, and alerts. Its advanced algorithms detect emergencies and deterioration in seniors, leading to quick response and potentially saving lives. Grand-Sense empowers caregivers to provide the best possible care, with reduced stress levels for seniors and their families.

Online Home Care Software & Alert Platform

All-in-One Management System

The Cloud-Based All-in-One Management system simplify management of caregivers, seniors, inventory, and technicians with our comprehensive ERP capabilities. Empower your caregiving company with monitoring applications tailored for caregivers, seniors' families, and technicians.

Smart Care-Elements

Grand-Sense non-intrusive care-elements are using Advanced Home Sensor Technology for Seniors that includes a range of Senior Safety Monitoring Devices such as sensors, communication, and detection devices placed throughout the senior's house.


Grand-Sense Platform (PaaS)

Intelligent Central Unit

With Intelligent 24/7 Care & Distress monitoring Central Unit, caregivers can rely on continuous monitoring, real-time alerts, and intelligent behavioral analysis to provide optimal care