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All-In-One Cloud-Based Management System

Grand-Sence All-In-One Cloud-Based Management System is a comprehensive application consisting of four modules – Administrator Application, Caregiver Application, Family Members Application and Technician Application, designed to facilitate efficient caregiving and communication for senior care. It enables caregiving companies to manage caregivers, schedule assignments, track inventory, monitor senior care needs, and analyze statistics. Additionally, it empowers caregivers, family members, and technicians with specific applications tailored to their roles, ensuring effective care coordination and enhancing the overall caregiving experience.

Administrator Application

Acting as a small ERP system, the Administrator Application enables caregiving companies to efficiently manage their operations. It allows administrators to handle caregiver schedules, assignments, and configure alert settings. Furthermore, it provides oversight of inventory for care components, tracks senior profiles and care requirements, and offers statistical analysis to assess caregiver workload and care effectiveness

Caregiver Application

The Caregiver Application serves as a dedicated tool for caregivers responsible for seniors’ well-being. It delivers personalized alerts and notifications for each senior under their care, as configured by the administrator. The application provides caregivers with essential information for effective care provision, facilitates communication with seniors, and allows them to set notifications to keep seniors informed.

Family Members Application

The Family Members Application caters to selected family members, used as Instant Family Notification System, offering them alerts for critical situations concerning their loved ones. It facilitates sharing of family moments, enables direct communication with seniors, and provides the ability to schedule events or activities for the seniors, ensuring effective coordination between family members and caregivers while keeping seniors informed and engaged.

Technician Application

The Technician Application is a user-friendly setup tool designed for technicians responsible for configuring and maintaining the care elements around seniors’ homes. It streamlines the setup process, allowing technicians to easily configure the care elements, validate connectivity, and ensure proper functioning, contributing to the overall reliability and effectiveness of the monitoring system.