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Frequently Asked Questions

Grand-Sense system can be used by any age care provider, as long as there are separate living units for each senior or a couple of seniors.

The system does provide a set of APIs to communicate with external systems.  In addition to the existing APIs.
Grand App AI developers can also create additional APIs based on your system’s requirement, if needed.

Grand App AI provides a one-year full warranty on all the system parts. Any malfunctioning part can be sent back to us and be replaced, no questions asked.

Grand-Sense system is very easy to be installed by any one with basic technical skills. As part of the system delivery, you will get a set of installation guiding video, and an installation guide document. To assist with your installation. In addition to that, Grand-Sense Monitor Application includes a Technician Application that consists all the tools required for step by step installation of all the Care-Elements.

Grand App AI created a set of video and text installation an operation guides to allow any new user to learn how to install and operate the system.

Grand-Sense system is extremely affordable.
The price consists of a home kit price, which is a one-time payment for a home, and a monthly fee that is covering all the services provided by our system.

The price varies by the size of the home and the complexity of the kit thet you select. However the most common kits are priced between 400$ to 500$ and the monthly fee is between 10$ to 20$ per month for home.