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Intelligent 24/7 Care & Distress monitoring Central Unit

The Grand-Sense Care and Distress Central Unit, which can operate on various Android devices, including small tablets, is a versatile device that serves as the core of the monitoring system. It offers three key functionalities:

  • Distress Monitoring analyzing data from care elements and issuing alerts to the management system.
  • Behavioral Analysis utilizing AI algorithms to detect behavioral patterns and signal potential health deterioration.
  • Accessible Communication facilitates easy-to-use communication means between seniors, caregivers, and their families.


Distress Monitoring

The Grand-Sense Care and Distress Central Unit acts as a central hub for gathering and analyzing data from the care elements placed around the senior’s home. By continuously monitoring and evaluating the collected information, it can detect critical situations or deviations from pre-defined parameters. This analysis enables the unit to generate timely alerts and notifications to the management system, ensuring that caregivers and family members are promptly informed about any potential risks or distressing situations such as: